CUMBRIA CLUB OF THE YEAR 2013, 2015 & 2017

We achieved Clubmark status in 2008 as the first club in Cumbria to do so and one of the first in the country.   In 2014, the LTA introduced Tennismark and included it in the club's registration process.  In 2018 the Tennismark accreditation scheme was replaced with a set of standards that all LTA affiliated must have in place,  These are subject to audit by the LTA and the club is proud to have these in place and documented.   

The main aspects of these standards can be viewed on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.  These new standards cover the following key areas:

  • Standard 1 – Safeguarding Policies and Procedures (see here)
  • Standard 2 – Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures (see here)
  • Standard 3 – Welfare Officer (see here)
  • Standard 4 – Criminal Record Checks  (see below)
  • Standard 5 – Risk Assessment (see here)

Safeguarding is an issue that the club takes very seriously.  The club's Welfare Officer is Tessa Pemberton and it should be noted that she and both coaches Jon Griffin and Max Shaw have completed the requisite training.  Further, many of our key personnel who take charge of junior teams or who act as junior drivers have completed DBS checks (Disclosure & Barring Service).  The club passed the LTA audit which took place in September 2019.

For those who may need DBS checks in the future, the new online process is much easier, and Ids can be checked by Simon Donaldson who is an official LTA ID checker.