Committee Members

Chairperson Richard Jackson Email Chairperson
Treasurer Nicki Davenport Email Treasurer
Secretary Gail Roylance Email Secretary
Junior Chairperson Daniel Gibson Email Junior Chair Person
Match Secretary Ian Davenport Email Match Secretary
Tennis Development Co-ordinator Kate De Fraja Email Development Coordinator
Publicity, Marketing & Media

Sarah Edwards

Lisa Hames

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Facilities Manager   Email Facilities Manager
Welfare Officer and Social Secretary Jacquie Lawrence Email Social


Junior Committee

Junior Chair Danny Gibson Email Junior Chair
Tennis Coach Nick Rose Email Coach
Team Manager 14 U Boys Mark Cockrell Email Team Manager 
Team Manager 12 U Girls  Sarah Edwards  
Team Manager 16 U Girls     
Team Manager 12U Boys   Email Team Manager
Team Manager 10U Mixed    
Team Manager 16 U Boys    
Team Manager 9 U Mixed Vacant Email Team Manager
Team Manager 8 U Mixed Vacant Email Team Manager

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