President's Day

President's Day on Sunday 27th August 2023 at Morpeth Cricket, Hockey and Tennis Club brought with it a social tennis tournament, preceded by a coaching session and the official opening of the new dugout.

Intermittent rain attempted to dampen everyone's spirits, but failed, with many repairing to the clubhouse and sampling some of Steve Watkins's wares from his barbecue facility, which was skilfully sheltered with an umbrella or two.

When play got underway, the 11 pairs fought it out over 16-point tie-breaks, with the pair amassing the most points being declared the winners.  A deluge at about half-way through proceedings put a halt to play, and reluctantly it was agreed that no further play would be possible.  So, organiser Alex Laude totted up the points and declared the following results:

  • 1st - Janet Robinson & Jake Fewell-Williams
  • 2nd - Tracey Gaskill & Paul Meigh
  • 3rd equal - Helen Ball & Trevor Herron
  • 3rd equal - Brian Ortmann & Shay Whitfield

For further details, see this news item.

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