Protecting children (everyone under 18 years) and vulnerable adults is as important in sport as in every other aspect of society.

If a child or vulnerable adult is in immediate danger call 999 and ask for the police

If you are worried about the safety of a child or vulnerable adult (and even if it is nothing to do with tennis) contact:

Suffolk County Council’s Customer First: 0808 800 4005

The organisation with the statutory duty to safeguard children and vulnerable adults


Vulnerable adults

The NSPCC: 0808 805 5000 or [email protected]

The leading children’s safeguarding charity in the UK


How safeguarding works in Suffolk Tennis

Safeguarding is a very high priority for the Lawn Tennis Association. In Suffolk, as in every other part of Great Britain, the LTA uses these structures and processes:

  • Most tennis clubs and venues are affiliated to the LTA, and all those organisations are required to have a designated Welfare Officer, trained to fulfil their role. Usually volunteers, and never a coach, the Welfare Officer’s principal responsibility is Safeguarding.

The name and contact details of the Welfare Officer should be found on display at the club/venue and on the club’s website. If you have any difficulty in contacting your Welfare Officer, contact the County Safeguarding Officer.

  • Suffolk LTA has a County Safeguarding Officer, whose role is to help promote and embed a safeguarding culture in tennis; and to provide advice and support to Welfare Officers at Suffolk LTA registered venues. In addition, they have specific responsibilities for safeguarding in respect of staff employed by Suffolk LTA and the services delivered directly by Suffolk LTA.
  • The LTA has a national Safeguarding Team supported by a team of regional safeguarding officers that supports all individuals and organisations involved in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in tennis, including Suffolk LTA and its affiliated clubs/venues. This team will follow up safeguarding concerns reported directly to it. It also provides information; set standards; and provides training:

Suffolk’s County Safeguarding Officer

Sally Gooch is the County Safeguarding Officer. She can be contacted on (07717) 582150 or at: [email protected]

Like the rest of Suffolk LTA Management Team, Sally is a volunteer. She is a member at Stowmarket Lawn Tennis Club, the Suffolk LTA’s current ‘Volunteer of the Year’, and a nurse/health visitor by profession.

If you cannot reach Sally, contact Julia Waters on (07791) 085024 or at [email protected]


All LTA registered clubs/venues are required to have a suite of safeguarding policies. At least their main Safeguarding Policy should be on display at the venue, and all their policies should be on the club’s website.

Suffolk LTA has a corresponding set of safeguarding policies that apply to tennis activities/events for which it has direct responsibility:

Directory of Suffolk LTA Safeguarding policies

Safeguarding Policy including Whistleblowing

Anti Bullying Policy

Code of Conduct for Players, Parents and Coaches

Photography and Filming Best Practice

Photography and Filming Consent Form

Online Safety and Communications Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Key Contacts

County Safeguarding Officer Role