Full coaching timetables are yet to be confirmed so please check back for more details soon. Here is a little bit about our coaches:

Roundwood Tennis Club is lucky to have two coaches, Matt Hough as our head coach, and Martyn Ward. Matt and Martyn are great coaches to have as part of our club. As a club we are honoured to have them both on board with us.

Thanks to Matt and Martyn, Roundwood Tennis Club is now able to offer a variety of coaching programmes for Juniors and Adults, whether it be beginners or improvers. Not only does this allows Roundwood to provide a thriving Junior section, it also allows our coaches to run individual and group coaching sessions

We also have a programme of cardio tennis which is a great way of improving tennis footwork, coordination and overall fitness. It is definitely worth a go if you're interested.  

Why not come along and see what our coaches and Roundwood Tennis Club has to offer to new and existing members. Could be a cardio session or a Junior coaching session, either way I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

If you would like to get in contact with either of our coaches then here are their details:

Matt Hough - 07525 867 720

Martyn Ward - 07443 480 548