Somerset LTA Safeguarding

The County Safeguarding Officer is responsible for assisting the LTA Safeguarding Team in promoting and embedding a culture of safeguarding and diversity and inclusion in Somerset. They will assist in supporting registered venues to put in place procedures to safeguard children (U18) and adults, and they will engage with venue Welfare Officers.

County Safeguarding Officer: Karuna Tharmananthar

To report a safeguarding concern please use the form at this link.

If you have a general safeguarding query, or would like advice about safeguarding, please contact Karuna, or the LTA on 0208 487 7000 or by email at

In an emergency and/or if you are concerned that someone is at immediate risk of harm, please call the police without delay on 999.

For more information about safeguarding, please visit the following links:

Or why not become more informed about safeguarding your club, your members and yourself by doing this short online Safeguarding Training - it takes less than an hour to complete and there's quiz at the end!

Somerset LTA Policies

New safeguarding policies for children and adults at risk

The LTA, Tennis Wales and Tennis Scotland are proud to launch new safeguarding policies for children and adults at risk.

Safeguarding sits at the heart of the LTA’s strategy to lead tennis in Britain to the highest standard, making it a safe, welcoming, and well-run sport. As part of this commitment, and to ensure policies remain relevant, we must ensure they are updated every three years.

These new organisational safeguarding policies ensure all children and adults at risk can participate in a tennis environment which is safe and enjoyable.

LTA Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure

LTA Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy and Procedure

Policy owner: David Humphrey
Policy approved by: LTA Board
Policy approval date: February 2023
Next review date: February 2026

Safe to Play Campaign

Top tips for Venues, Coaches and Parents.

Nothing is more important to the LTA than the safety and wellbeing of those involved in our sport. This campaign is aimed at ensuring everyone in tennis is able to keep children and themselves safe from harm.