Court Booking

Booking Rules

Please note that in order to book a court club members must first register online.

  1. Adult Full and Winter Bubble members can book a court in the Bubble up to 10 days in advance. Outside Only members and non-members may be invited as guests but the booking member is responsible for paying the appropriate guest fees (see below).
  2. Adult Full, Winter Bubble and Outside Only members, plus Juniors (aged 12-18) and Students, can book an outdoor court (either clay or macadam) with non-member guests allowed if guest fees are paid.
  3. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or you will not be refunded if guest fees have been paid. It is very important to cancel if you no longer require a booking as a courtesy to other members who may wish to play.
  4. Maximum booking slots are for 1.5 hours, and only one slot in a day, and one court at a time. If you wish to book for longer or for more slots in a day, or more than one court at the same time, please contact the Booking Secretary via
  5. As we have a growing membership and a limited number of courts available, especially in the Bubble during the winter season, in fairness to other members we limit the number of personal bookings which each member may make per week. This number is two while the Buuble is up, but four during the summer season when more courts are available. However don't forget that if more than one of you play regularly together, e.g in a social four or for team practices, then everyone in the group is able to book courts at different times of the week on behalf of the whole group. Also you are quite welcome just to come along and play on an unbooked court when the courts are not busy.

Invited Guests

Members are welcome to invite guests along to play during a booked session, according to the following rules:

  1. A club member may invite any number of different guests to play, but each individual guest may visit a maximum total of 4 times per year irrespective of which member invites them. We hope that frequent visitors will choose to become club members instead.
  2. The guest fee will be £12 per person per day. This will permit the guest to make use of all club facilities during that day only, including the bar (when open) and access to the courts as many times as he or she wishes either outdoors or inside in the Bubble. Please note that sponsoring members must take responsibility for their guests and accompany them at all times within the club.
  3. Members must pay for their guests in advance, via online bank transfer only to the details below, and also provide the Booking Secretary with the names of their guests via email to Please include the booked court number, date and time in the message.
  4. An Outdoor member wishing to play in the Bubble must be invited as a guest by a Bubble member following these rules, including the Bubble member makiing payment in advance.

The club's bank account details are

Sort Code 40-34-38 Account number 31450883

Please provide your name as the transfer reference.

Pay and Play

During the summer season members of the public may book Court 7 at any time of day between 9am and 9pm when the court is not already booked by a club member. The cost will be £12 per half hour and you will be invited to pay online as part of the booking process from this page. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear and observe proper tennis etiquette at all times while on court.