The Bubble

The Bubble

Our Air Hall, or "Bubble", is available for seven months between October and April. It is fully floodlit and allows us to play tennis whatever the weather throughout the winter on three indoor courts. A further four outside courts, two of which are also floodlit, can also be used during the winter when the weather is dry.

Full club members have unrestricted access to the Bubble as part of their all-year membership. Alternatively you are very welcome to join just as a Winter Bubble member at a very reasonable rate.  Pay and Play is also available for non-members and Outside winter members. Click on the Membership page to see all our membership options.

Overall, the benefits of winter membership either as a full or Bubble member include:

  • Three indoor floodlit courts
  • Four outside courts, (two floodlit)
  • Online court booking with priority given to Bubble members - no additional charges
  • Competitive tennis in singles box leagues and the opportunity to represent the club in local winter doubles leagues
  • Indoor coaching sessions, which are not weather dependent
  • Participate in regular club sessions

Booking the Bubble

  1. Full adult members, Bubble members, Juniors (if aged 12 to 18) and Students can book up to 10 days in advance. If a Bubble member plays with an outside member or non member, then they are responsible for collecting the fees.
  2. Juniors (if aged under 12) cannot book in advance.
  3. Outside members can book up to 7 days in advance. Outside members booking a Bubble court must pay the appropriate fee on line at the time of booking and if playing with a Bubble member must also ensure that they play the appropriate fee!
  4. Non-members ( Pay and Play ) can book up to 7 days in advance and payment will be made on line at the time of booking. Non members who turn up without booking a court must pay the fee and place it in the envelopes provided at the club before playing.However it is advisable to book on line as you may find that your court has been booked by someone else!
  5. Members are welcome to bring Visitors but must sign them in and pay the appropriate fee before playing.
  6. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or you will be charged.
  7. Maximum booking slots are for 1.5 hours, and booking 2 slots in a day is permissable but not consecutively!
  8. Booking of more than one court at any one time must be referred to the Booking Secretary.
  9. Courts can only be booked for a maximum of 1hour 30 minutes, if you require longer than that please contact the Booking Secretary.
  10. Enjoy your Game!!

Join the Bubble team!

  • The Bubble is normally put up and dismantled on a Saturday, as close as possible to October 1st and April 30th (this is weather dependent - you'll be informed by email).
  • Covair, the company who supplied the Bubble, do the majority of the work, but need volunteers to assist in the process - and this significantly reduces the costs to the club.
  • We are very grateful to the volunteers for their time and effort and the club offers free homemade bacon sandwiches and cakes to all helpers!!
  • Contact Carol, our Chairman, at if you can spare some time to help!




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