Memorial Trust

The Ashby Castle Tennis Memorial Trust has been legally set up with the aim of helping current talented juniors on their tennis paths. We hope to forge and strengthen links between all ages, to foster companionship, skills, loyalty and pride in the membership of ACLTC. 

The Trust was established in 2017 with the beneficiaries being Junior members of the club who, in the opinion of the Trustees will thereby be aided in his or her tennis activities which would otherwise be hampered by lack of funds.

Early in 2017, several senior club members died. One, Rona Ikin, joined age 16 in 1948 as one of the first ever group of juniors. Her family, and families of other deceased members, wished to thank the club for many enjoyable years.

A memorial scroll hangs in the clubhouse to commemorate what has been done and record future donations. We believe we are one of the only clubs in the country to have set up such an initiative.

Whilst renewing your membership, the committee would like to invite you to make a voluntary donation of £10 to The Ashby Castle Tennis Memorial Trust. However, if you would prefer to donate an alternative amount we would be very grateful.