From time to time the club may or choose to construct and submit bids or business cases for grant funding in order to help the development of the club e.g. equipment improvements or as a way to increase participation e.g. funding to help attract more adult players.

Any documents relating to  any of the above categories will be stored in this location. Please click the relevant links from the options listed below:


Project Smash is the overall project name for our 10 year infrastructure development plan. Phase 1 is focussed on developing the facilities at the club during the next 18-36 months and is centered on the introduction of a lighting solution for court 1 and the replacement of the exisiting shed with a more secure clubhosue/storage unit. Some remedial work to fencing may be required during this phase. All supporting documentation

Note: - If finances permit and provinding no further planning changes are required, we may look to upgrade the floodlights on courts 2/3 to LED. If these conditions can't be met, this work will instead be carried forward to phase 2


Phases 2 & 3 will focus on fencing and court replacement in order to ensure the long term viability of the club. Also during these phases, consideration will be given if funds allow for more expansive development plans including a covered canopy for court 1, on-court technology and further development (potentially in cooperation with the PFMC) of a community cafe facility. If any additional supporting documents or planning applications are required for these phases, they will be recorded below:


From time to time we may also seek funding to support the introduction of new participation projects or the extension of existing programme. Some examples of such projects are given below

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