Court Booking

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

  • Non-members should not attempt to use this page to book a court but should instead book via
  • Courts may be booked by all members for between 30 mins and 2 hours up to 14 days in advane
  •  The procedure for guardians to book courts on behalf of junior and child members can be found at:
  • Please book a court for all play other than Matches or Club Mornings/Evenings. 
  • If you are having problems booking a court please contact Paul Elliott via WhatsApp (07763852700)

Adult members - Access to courts and facilities

  • The court key is hanging up in the tennis pavilion.
  • There is also a key hanging up for the Sports club changing rooms where the referee's toilet can be used by members.
  • Adult members will have been provided a code (in their welcoming email from the membership secretary) to the key box on the left side of the entrance in which there is a key to the tennis pavilion. (This code is changed at the beginning of each season)
  • Tennis balls are also provided for members' use inside the tennis pavilion.
  • The floodlights can be turned on and off from inside the tennis pavilion
  • Please ensure that the tennis pavilion is locked, its key returned to the key box and the code scrambled if you are the last adult to leave the club.

'Pay and Play' and Junior / Child  members - access to courts only

  • The 'pay and play' key box on the right hand side of the tennis pavilion entrance contains a key for the courts only. 
  • All booking confirmation emails contain the code to this key box. (This code is changed weekly)
  • We do not issue the tennis pavilion key box code to junior or child members as we do not wish the pavilion to be used by unescorted junior or child members (due to previous abuse)