Club Rules

1. Name – Framlingham Lawn Tennis Club (“the club”) 

2. A copy of the rules to be available to all Members on the club website 

3. The Club shall be affiliated to the LTA and conform to the Rules and guidance set by them.

4. A committee shall be elected annually at the AGM consisting, as a minimum, of a Chairman,  Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer and at least one other. Other required roles (e.g.Groundsman,  Team Captains, Social Secretary etc.) can be fulfilled by Committee Members. Committee Members  may have more than one role but the roles of Chairman and Treasurer must not be combined.

5. The Quorum shall consist of 5 Committee Members 

6. Annual Subscriptions to be paid before 1st April as agreed at the AGM. Anyone who has not paid by  1st April cannot use facilities until payment has been received. 

7. The Chairman of the Sports Club to be invited to all AGMs 

8. Guests to be charged a fee as agreed at the AGM for which the inviting Club Member is responsible

9. Ex-match balls shall be provided by the Club for social play, available from the tennis pavilion.

10. Match fees for home and away matches are payable as agreed at the AGM.

11. General use of courts outside of Club mornings or evenings should be booked via the website.  Courts can be booked by Members up to two weeks in advance. 

12. During Club mornings and evenings players must mix up, and discretion must be used when  arranging the fours in order that all members get some good tennis sessions. Only one short set  must be played by each four before remixing. 

13. On completion of play, Members should return the balls to the tennis pavilion and lock the courts  and pavilion 

14. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn on court (no shirtless play).

15. Ball games must NOT be played on the car park. 

16. Ipswich and District Floodlit league and summer league matches to be arranged through the Match  Secretary who will ensure that courts are booked on the booking system. 

17. All Members (other than under 16 junior members) will be provided the code to the combination  key safe. This provides access to the tennis pavilion. Keys to the courts and the Sports Club  changing rooms for access to toilet facilities can be found inside the tennis pavilion. The code shall  be shared with all senior members once membership payment has been received. The combination  code shall not be given to or shared with junior members. 

18. Junior members may gain access to the courts by booking a court, the confirmation email contains  the access code to the pay and play key safe that contains a court key. 

19. Juniors shall not be entitled to vote at the AGM.

20. Court use for professional private coaching must be at times agreed by the Committee and booked  at least a week in advance using the online booking system. Balls must be provided by the coach. 

21. Courts are available for hire on a ‘pay and play’ basis using the LTA Rally application to book and  pay. Courts may be booked up to a week in advance. Charges will be agreed by the AGM.

22. Good manners shall prevail at all times both on and off the court. 

23. The Committee shall have the power to terminate Membership of an individual should they  consider it for the well-being of the Club. The Player has the right to appeal within fourteen days.

24. Upon written request, signed by no fewer than ten members of the club, the Committee shall call  an Extraordinary General Meeting giving at least seven days written notice to all Members. On  giving similar written notice, the Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time.

25. In the event of any dispute on the interpretation of the Rules, the Committee’s decision shall be  considered final and binding. 

26. A visitor/guest can only play at the Club a maximum of three occasions per year before being requested to  join the club.

27. Members agree to Abide by the Club WhatsApp Use policy