WhatsApp Use Policy

With WhatsApp becoming commonplace for coordination of several different club activities (including but not limited to: Club Social Tennis Sessions, Team squad communications, committee communications, communication about court booking and access problems .... ) It is felt necessary to have a policy outlining best practice for their use and safeguarding of our members.

Only Adults should be members of WhatsApp groups used for coordinating Club activities:

  • Under 16s should not be contacted via WhatsApp or be part of any Club WhatsApp groups
  • If you need to contact an Under 16 member (e.g. in a Team communications group or for court booking or access problems) use their parent’s/guardian's as the contact.

WhatsApp Groups should be used solely for the purpose for which they have been established:

  • The group administrator should act as moderator for the group.
  • If content is posted that is not relevant to the groups purpose or which is considered inappropriate for the group the moderator should report the post to the Club Welfare Officer and Club Chairman who will determine what action should be taken. (This may include reiterating the purpose behind this policy with the offending member, and for repeated misuse suspension from the group)