Fundraising for a New Clubhouse


We are a thriving coastal tennis club with over 250 members ranging in age from 6 - 84, managed completely by volunteers. We offer a fantastic mix of social and competitive tennis and our coaching team provides a comprehensive range of individual and group sessions for all ages and abilities. 

A few years ago our club was at risk due to our lease coming to an end. The committee worked hard with the council to stay and in January 2020 we finally signed our new lease, securing the club's future in the town it has called home for almost 100 years.

With a renewed lease we turned our attention to our facilities. Our courts are fantastic, but our clubhouse is in dire need of replacement. I’m delighted to say that in May 2021, we were awarded planning permission for our new clubhouse and this is where we need your help. 

It has been designed to make playing, watching and socialising around tennis accessible for all and we hope that you will support us to truly maximise our benefit in the community.