Club Regulations

Approved by Committee 12.11.2009

1. Courts are open all year round

2. Junior members
May play at adult club sessions at the invitation & discretion of a Committee Member or the Club Coach
Do not have access to the club house unless an adult member is present

3.Club play
Potential members may attend club sessions 3 times upon payment of a fee as fixed annually by the Committee
After this they may only attend further club sessions by joining the club, at which point these session fees paid will be refunded
Club members may bring guests to play a maximum of 3 times upon payment of the same fee as above
Club sessions will normally be run by a nominated Committee member
Potential members/guests must ask for permission from this Committee member & have paid them their fees prior to playing

4.Court booking procedure
Court bookings can be made online via the club website; or at the Southwold Angling Centre, where public bookings for court 2 are handled

Proper sports clothing must be worn
Shoes to be worn on court must be rubber soled without raised heels, spikes, studs, bars or deep ribbing

6.Tennis balls
The Club will hold a supply of tennis balls for club sessions, matches & tournaments
A supply of balls will be made available in the clubhouse for members' use at other times

Must be slackened & hooked up after play using bungees provided

8.Locking up
Courts & inner & outer clubhouse doors must be locked when no club member is on the premises

9.League matches
The vacant third court during league matches will be available for play to adult members only

10.Non members
Members of the public may hire the courts during specified hours at a fee per hour fixed by the Committee
Details of these fees are displayed in the club house & can be obtained on request at the Southwold Angling Centre

11. Behaviour
Whilst on Club premises or on court aggressive or abusive behaviour or bad language & excessive noise will not be tolerated
Anyone breaking this regulation can be reported to a Committee member who will issue a verbal warning & any further breaking of the rule will result in the membership of that individual being put before the Club Committee to consider if the membership should be ceased

12. Accidents
All accidents occurring on Club premises must for insurance purposes be recorded in the Accident Book which can be found in the Clubhouse kitchen

13. Funding
The Club will not as a rule support any applications for funding from Club members; but should a member feel that they have a good case for funding they may apply via the Club Coach to the Committee for their consideration
They must however first have contacted the LTA & explored all other possible avenues of funding

14. Membership categories
Student – 18 years or over & in full time education as at 1st April in & throughout membership year
Junior under 10 years of age as at 1st April in membership year
Junior 10 to 18 years of age as at 1st April in membership year
Family - up to 2 adults and up to 2 children of age under 18 years as at 1st April in membership year
Country membership at a discounted rate shall apply to those whose main residence is 25 miles or more outside of Southwold (categories as per full membership excluding juniors where there shall only be one category of under 18 years of age as at 1st April of membership year)
Life – free of charge for rest of life from when granted, awarded to those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the running of the Club
Honorary – free of charge for the season in which granted, awarded to those individuals at the Committee’s discretion who are either providing a service to the Club, or doing so but unable to play during that season for example due to illness