Club Summer Tournament

Entries for the 2022 Summer Tournament will open in mid-March.  Watch out for more information in the Club Newsletter.  The Tournament Draw will take place on Friday 29 April.

The Club Summer Tournament is a hugely popular event running from early May to early September. It ends with one of the highlights of the club summer season - our Finals Day which takes place on the second Sunday in September. When entries are open you will be notified in a club newsletter;  entries should then be sent to the Club Tournament Organiser.    

All club members are eligible to enter the tournament and juniors who can play confidently with adults are encouraged to take part in the adult events as well as their junior age groups. 

The Club Tournament includes the following events:

Mens Singles /Mens Plate 
Ladies Singles/ Ladies Plate

18U Singles
Mens Doubles 
Ladies Doubles 
Mixed Doubles 
Veterans Mixed Doubles (for those aged over 60 years)

Junior Boys (16U) Singles (one day event in June with Finals played on Club Finals day) 
Junior Girls (16U) Singles (one day event in June with Finals played on Club Finals day) 
Junior Boys (16U) Doubles (one day event in June with Finals played on Club Finals day) 
Junior Girls (16U) Doubles (one day event in June with Finals played on Club finals day) 

Junior (14U) Singles (played in line with Road to Wimbledon timetable)

Junior (12U) Singles (one day event with Finals played on Club Finals day)

Singles tournaments for all the 11 and under age groups are played in the appropriate coaching session with the finals of these events also played on Club Finals Day

Finals Day combines a high standard of tennis with an excellent all day social event for both players and supporters and is one of the high points of the Wortham tennis calendar.


Tournament Rules (Adult Competition):

The purpose of the tournament is to provide enjoyable, competitive tennis for all Club members, irrespective of ability. The principle of the event is to play tennis and, therefore, we will only award walkovers in unavoidable circumstances.


  1. All matches will be the best of 3  sets of tennis with a tie break at 6-6. In the event that the match needs to be shotened for any reason then the third set can be a “championship” tie break of first to 10 points provided this is agreed by all players at the start of the match. Any matches which do not conform to the above format may have to be replayed at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser.
  2. All matches to be played at the club courts, unless an alternative venue is more convenient to, and agreed by, all players.
  3. All matches to be played by the deadline for each round. Players may request an extension which will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser.  The result of any match which is not played by the deadline or agreed extension will be determined by the toss of a coin.
  4. Any players who withdraw due to injury, before the second round, may be replaced by a lucky loser at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser. This will apply to both Singles and Doubles tournaments.
  5. It is the responsibility of all players to organise the matches within the deadline. It is recommended that all matches are confirmed by email. We recommend using the free online scheduler app www.doodle.comto help arrange matches.
  6. Any player who fails to turn up for an agreed and confirmed match will forfeit the match, unless their opponent agrees to reschedule.
  7. The winner of each tie should inform the Tournament Organiser of the result by email as soon as possible after the match
  8. Please remember to have fun and enjoy the tournament!


Tournament Results 2021


Mens Singles           Sam Brett                                

Mens Plate              Maxwell Maude                            

Ladies Singles        Fudge Cadman                          

Ladies Plate            Steph Smith                           

Mens Doubles      Sam Brett & Jack Bareham

Ladies Doubles    Kate Beards & Pam Kilbourn

Mixed Doubles    Janet Seaman & Neil Warmishan

Veterans Mixed   Pam Kilbourn & Davd Rose                


18U Boys Singles  Maxwell Maude                  

18U Girls Singles  Ellie Budds  

16U Boys Singles  Maxwell Maude 

16U Girls Singles  Millie Courteen                        

16U Boys Doubles  Fraser Clarke & Maxwell Maude

18U Girls Doubles  Millie Courteen & Florence Culley

14U Boys Singles    Lucas York

14U Girls Singles    Charlotte Crossman

12U Singles                Hayden Beards

10U Singles                Jack Farrow                        

9U Singles                   Lara Davies                         

8U Singles                  Harper Beards